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  • Ratchet positioning and self-recovery

• The LW28 series rotary switch mainly applies to 440V and below, AC 50Hz or 240V and below DC circuits. For breaking and closing, change-over of circuits under unfrequently manual operation. And the typical application are: control switch of 3 phase motors, control switch gear, control switch of instruments, and change-over switch of machinery and welding machine.

• The series comply with the GB 14048.3, GB 14048.5 and I EC 60947-3,IEC 60947-5-1.

• The LW28 series have 7 current ratings: 10A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 63A, 125Aand 160A.

• The LW28 series rotary switch were designed for multiple functions, wide variety of applications.

• The LW28-10, LW28-20, LW28-25, and LW28-32F have finger protection terminals.

• LW28 series rotary switch are an excellent substitute for LW2, LW5, LW6, LW8,LW12, LW15, HZ5, HZ10, and Hz12.

• The LW28 series rotary switch has two derivatives, LW28GS Pad-lock and LW28S lock.both of them are applicable in circuits when an physical control is required.

• We can equip protective box for 20A, 25A, 32A and 63A.

Normal working conditions

• Ambient air temperature do not exceed +40P, and the average temperature, measured over a period of 24 hours, do not exceed 351.

• Lowest temperature not less than -25tJ.

• Altitude not more than 2000m.

• At highest temperature of + 401D, relative humidity of air no more than 50%. At lower temperatures, A higher humidity is allowed, Such as at 20P, up to 90% humidity allowed.lt shall adopt the special treatment against the condensation water.

Installation conditions

A clean environment is required;

Please follow our manual installation ;

Type and Meanings

Type and meaning of switch for Master control

For example: with contact diagram code LW28-20D0401/2/M2/I Translate: LW28 type transfer switch, rated current 20A, D0401 contact, 2 sections, M2 type installation method, I type handle

LW28-63/2/M2/I LW28: For example, without contact diagram, code name paraphrase: LW28 type switch, battery current 63A, default normal contact, 2 sections, M2 type installation method, I type handle

The combination of operation mode and actuator position is shown in the following table

Technical parameter

Note 1: Neutral line is grounded

Note 2: AC-23A, AC-3, AC-4 rated power numerator is three-phase three-pole, denominator is one-phase two-pole, AC-2 is three-phase three-pole

Mechanical life and electrical life

Mechanical life: 0.1x106 times, operating frequency is 120 times/hour

Electric life: 0.3X105 times, operating frequency is 120 times/hour

Handle type

Note: M1B and M2B panels need to be installed with self-tapping screws

Panel mount

Rail installation(D2)

Base installation(D1)

Ratchet positioning and self-recovery

Self-recovery disk positioning and self-recovery

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